SVI Foresight

SVI Foresight is a monthly electronic journal with a multi-disciplinary perspective. It focuses on key issues pertaining to strategic and security studies while highlighting some of the most pressing developments within contemporary foreign policy and international relations discourse.  It comprises of a collection of policy-oriented opinion articles written by the SVI’s Researchers, Visiting Faculty and numerous professional experts. The objective is to provide its readership with a concise all-round and real-time policy-oriented discourse on contemporary strategic regional and international developments, highlighting their relevance to Pakistan.

Curated by the SVI highly accredited editorial panel it allows a unique opportunity for early and mid-career researchers to flex their analytical abilities, presenting some of the most insightful and novel contributions to the existing discourse on Strategic Studies.



SVI Foresight (e-Journal) Monthly Submission Guidelines for Opinion Articles

    1. Short Opinion based commentaries can be submitted online at the following email address:
    2. All articles should not be more than 750-1,000 words.
    3. The document should be in Word format
    4. Please send in your complete information along with your article i.e. Full Name, Designation, Institute Name, phone Number etc
    5. Articles will be selected only if they meet the criteria set by the SVI. The selection criteria generally includes originality, strength of argument, sound grasp of subject and good English expression.
    6. All articles should preferably reach us before 15th of each month.
    7. All articles should adopt an analytical and policy oriented approach.
    8. Authors’ opinions and analyses should preferably cover contemporary strategic and security issues.