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The Journal of Security and Strategic Analyses (JSSA) is the new journal in the foregoing fields captioned in its title. There is a variety of journals in this area but most of them are colored with the perspectives from where they are published: primarily the Western discourse on strategic and security studies that excludes Sino-Russian and most of the Eurasian and African affairs viewpoints. The goal of JSSA is to publish autonomous, objective and innovative research carrying profound impact in strategic and security studies. It aims to project policy oriented research based upon standard academic research methodology.

JSSA seeks to publish manuscripts with cutting-edge research that breaks new ground and makes an original contribution rather than merely an incremental contribution to the existing strategic studies. Manuscripts should address policy impacting developments, phenomena and issues with a distinct standpoint. JSSA is particularly interested in publishing innovative policy research papers bearing a multi-disciplinary approach. Manuscripts should provide a brief overview or literature review of existing perspectives but often challenging the traditional mainstream views, wherever possible.

Articles in JSSA are published bi-annually. Electronic and print publication must be simultaneously submitted.

Research papers are solicited for publication in the JSSA. The papers should be research based academic policy analysis. No lengthy historical backgrounds are needed because our target audience at this stage is informed academic, diplomatic and policy-making community. We welcome papers under the following categories, with ballpark figures for word limits:

  • Research Papers/Articles (6000-8000 words including footnotes)
  • Book Reviews (1000-2000 words including footnotes)

Papers/Articles must conform to the following guidelines:

1.The papers should be sent at

2.Each Article must be accompanied by an abstract of not more than 250 words. The abstract must be in a separate word document.

3.Please provide Author details with your paper, including qualifications and institutional affiliations. These details are to be provided in the first footnote of the paper.

4.For Book Reviews, please describe the subject of the review clearly, including the author, title, publisher, year and pages of the book.

5.All work must be original. By submitting any work, the author is presumed to declare that the article is original and has not been published elsewhere.

6.All articles must be submitted only in MS Word format (.doc or .docx extensions).

7.No border cover pages or title pages are required. Mention the title of the submission once in the beginning of the piece, followed by the author’s name.

8.British English spellings should be used.

9.References must be footnoted according to Chicago manual 16th Please follow the link:

All references must be cited in simple text. No formatting is required for the citations.

10.Submissions are promptly acknowledged within a few hours of the receipt of submission. The decision on publication will take approximately 4-6 weeks after the receipt date.

11.The papers will be subjected to peer review that will be communicated to the authors and published only after the reviewer’s comments are taken into consideration. The published updates may subsequently appear on our website with the consent of authors.

12.For the detailed submission guidelines please visit the website

JSSA is currently open for papers on: peace, security and strategic studies, nuclear deterrence, nuclear non-proliferation, nuclear safety and security, strategic stability, doctrines, terrorism/counter terrorism, internal and external security, international security, geopolitical issues, peace and conflict studies, human security and energy security.

All contributors should submit their contact information, a short biography and an abstract to

Submissions not based on guidelines for contributors will not be acceptable.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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