About us

Strategic Vision Institute (SVI) is an autonomous, multidisciplinary and non-partisan institution established in January 2013.

SVI intends to project strategic foresights on issues of national and international importance through dispassionate, impartial, and independent research, analyses, and studies. The primary focus of the SVI is to provide a framework of professional expertise, doctrinal wisdom and foresight that is indispensable for discreet formulation and successful management of politico-economic, diplomatic, and military dimensions of state policies.

The rationale of SVI originates from the imperative of cultivating adequate professional expertise to cope with the growingly complex strategic environment for policy formulation and decision-making process in all fields of national and international politics.

SVI serves as a Debating Forum for Diverse Perspectives.

SVI Objectives

SVI aims at to offer analyses based on objective research and studies in the following areas:

  • Strategic, Security and Policy Studies.
  • Nuclear Studies: Nuclear Power and Policy, Safety and Security, Nuclear Doctrines and Deterrence, Arms Control, Disarmament and Non-Proliferation.
  • Regional and International Peace, Security, and Stability.
  • Energy Studies: Conventional, Nuclear and Non-Conventional (Alternate/Renewable Energy, Solar/Wind etc.) Sources.
  • Strategic Communications, Informatics and Mass Media Studies.
  • Education and Literacy.
  • Promoting respect and support for adherence to Constitution, Democracy, and International Human Rights.
  • Capacity Building and Institutional Development.

SVI Functions

  • Conducting objective research and analyses on national as well as international affairs of strategic importance.
  • Introducing new discourses through conducting debates over the current issues in international strategic environment.
  • Providing comparative analysis of various perspectives on state policies regarding national as well as international issues of concern.
  • Information dissemination among the community to enhance awareness about the strategic affairs and national security.
  • Projecting national perspective on security through building liaison with reputable international scholars/institutions.
  • Providing strategic foresights through research articles from diverse circles in strategic community through Journals, Books, Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops.
  • Dissemination of literature through a variety of available resources including print, electronic and other mediums, except when any contractual obligations require otherwise.
  • Undertaking Development Projects at communities, national and international levels: carrying out projects, study/feasibility reports and consultancies in all the above fields.
  • Academic Database Development: Collection of Books, Research articles, National Security Archives, Conference Proceedings, Seminar Reports, and Opinion Articles etc.