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    JSSA Vol VIII, No. 2


    TOPIC Authors Page No

    Deterrence under Surveillance: Indian Space-based ISR Capabilities and Pakistan’s Nuclear Deterrence

    Akash Shah 07-26

    Pakistan and Russia’s Convergence of Interests in the Emerging Geopolitical Environment

    Muhammad Nawaz Khan 27-52

    Post 2019 Spike in Terrorism: A Threat to Internal Security of Pakistan

    Syed Sibtain Hussain Shah, Arshad Mahmood 53-79

    National Security and its Linkage with Social Media: Lessons for Pakistan

    Saad Al Abd 80-103

    Restructuring Strategic Maritime Interests and Blockade Politics in the Indian Ocean

    Shareh Qazi, Irfan Farooq Farooq 104-123

    Causal Analysis of India’s Response to Maritime Security Debate at the UNSC

    Sehrish Qayyum 124-144

    Emerging Challenges to Deterrence Stability in South Asia: A Theoretical Analysis

    Nasreen Akhtar 145-162

    JCPOA and Challenges for Non-Proliferation Regime

    Summar Iqbal Babar, Sarosh Fatima 163-180
    Book Reviews

    India’s Evolving Deterrent Force Posturing in South Asia: Temptation for Pre-emptive Strikes, Power Projection and Escalation Dominance

    Reviewed by Sabiha Mehreen 183-187

    Modi’s India, Hindu Nationalism and the Rise of Ethnic Democracy

    Reviewed by Mahwish Hafeez 188-192

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