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JSSA Vol V, No. 1
TOPIC Authors Page No
India’s Strategic Triad: Current Trends and Future Prospects Dr. Zafar Khan 07 – 24
Deterrence Adrift: Dissecting Indian Coercive Military Doctrines 2017-2018 Gulshan Bibi 25 – 42
The Rise of Hindutva, Saffron Terrorism and South Asian Regional Security Dr. Khurram Iqbal 43 – 63
Influence of Media on Public Perceptions: Case Study of Pakistan’s Nuclear Program Nida Shahid 64 – 93
International Intervention and State-building in Afghanistan Sajid Iqbal 94 – 127
Book Reviews
Pakistan A Drift: Navigating Troubled Waters  Dr. Attiq ur Rehman 131 – 134
CPEC: A Precursor to Regional Economic Growth and Stability  Dr. Zahid Shahab Ahmed 135 – 138

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