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JSSA Vol VII, No. 1


TOPIC Authors Page No
Mackinder’s Heartland Theory: Historic Rivalry and the
China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)
Dr. Mansur Umar Khan 07-33
National Integration: Challenges and Options for Pakistan Muhammad Nawaz Khan 34-69
Global Security in the Post-Cold War Era and the Relevance of Nuclear Weapons Dr. Christoph Bluth 70-104
India’s Soft Power Image:A Case Study of the Indian Economy under Modi Masood Khurshid and Dr. Asma Shakir Khawaja 105-133
India-Israel Defence Cooperation: Security Implications for Pakistan Saddaf Sultaana 134-160
Pakistan – India Security Paradox: Between Deterrence and Coercive Diplomacy Dr. Maryam Azam 161-180
Pakistan’s Nuclear Security Regime: Overcoming the Gap between Domestic Nuclear Governance and International Perception Shahneela Tariq 181-207
Book Reviews
China’s Model of Development: Lessons for Pakistan Reviewed by Khawaja Dawood Tariq 211-214

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