JSSA Vol VI, No. 1

JSSA Vol VI, No. 1


JSSA Vol VI, No. 1
TOPIC Authors Page No
Anti-Access Area Denial Capabilities: Implication for Strategic Stability Syed Muhammad Irteza Imam and Sufian Ullah 7 – 32
Sino-Indian Strategic Competition in the Indian Ocean Region and Future of China’s Maritime Interests

Sheikh Imran Nasir and Muhammad Zeeshan Munir

33 –  55
Climate Change and Water Security: Case of Pakistan Adeel Mukhtar 56 – 85
Dynamics of Pakistan-China Relaons Dr. Moonis Ahmar 86 – 106
Growing Radicalizaon in the Educated Youth of Pakistan Muhammad Taimur Fahad Khan 107 -124
Book Reviews
Cult of the Irrelevant: The Waning Influence of Social Science on National Security Reviewed by M Waqas Jan 127 – 130
The Islamic State in Khorasan Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the New Central Asian Jihad Reviewed by Asma Hussain 131 – 134

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