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JSSA Vol V, No. 2
TOPIC Authors Page No
Pakistan-US Relations: Transactional-Transformational Debate Dr. Muhammad Nasrullah Mirza and Naveed Mushtaq 07 – 30
Stability on the Brink, Indian New Normal Policy and Threat of Nuclear War in South Asia

Sohail Ahmad and Muhammad Rizwan Malik

31 –  50 
The FATA Conundrum: A case study of Pak-Afghan border Amina Khan and Asadullah Khan 51 – 77
The Geopolitics of Ideology: Intellectual Tumult and the Slow Demise of a World Order Dr. Dale Walton 78 – 100
Regional Trade in the Political Economy of South Asia: A Case Study of Indo-Pak Trade-Off Dr. Syed Hussain Shaheed Soherwordi, Dr. Sadia Sulaiman, Dr. Tabassum Javed 101 -119
Afghanistan’s Economic Potential: A Case for Regional Security Mir Sherbaz Khetran 120 – 138
Book Reviews
The Great Delusion: Liberal Dreams and International Realities Tahir Mahmood 141 – 144
India’s Surgical Strike: Stratagem, Brinkmanship and Response Gulshan Bibi 145 – 148

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