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JSSA Vol IX , No. 2
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TOPIC Authors Page No
Integrated Deterrence in the Asia-Pacific: Exploring Medium Power Strategic Autonomy
Ms. Komal Khan, Ms. Sher Bano 05-22
Applying Situational Crisis Communication Theory (SCCT) to Crisis Termination Dynamics of South Asia: An Assessment of Actor Roles and Responses
Dr. Muhammad Shareh Qazi 23-39
Russia’s Military Operations in Ukraine and Strategic Implications for ‘Fortress Europe’
Dr. Ahmed Ijaz Malik 40-56
Emerging Nuclear Countries and International Cooperation: What can Pakistan Offer?
Ms. Noreen Iftakhar 57-77
China’s Naval Modernisation Since 2013: Implications for Regional Security
Mr. Abdur Rehman 78-94
Book Reviews
The Politics of Nuclear Weapons
Reviewed by Mr. Shamil Abdullah Saleh 97-100
Four Battlegrounds: Power in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
Reviewed by Ms. Amber Afreen Abid 101-104
Kashmir at the Cross-Roads: Inside a 21st Century Conflict
Reviewed by Ms. Ayesha Shaikh 105-107
The New Nuclear Disorder Challenges to Deterrence and Strategy
Reviewed by Syed Raza Abbas 108-111