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JSSA Vol VIII, No. 1


TOPIC Authors Page No
 Artificial Intelligence Revolution: Contemporary Trends and Implications for the Future of Warfare Dr. Adil Sultan, Shayan Hassan Jamy 07-24

The Diminishing Credibility of Indian “No First Use” Policy

Hasan Ehtisham 25-48

Understanding India’s ‘Surgical Strike’ Special Operations and Pakistan’s Response

Dr. Nasir Mehmood, Usman Haider 49-70

Prophets of Cyber War: Examining the Role of Pakistan’s Private Sector in a Strategic Cyber Context

Hammaad Salik, Rao Ibrahim Zahid 71-95

Nuclear Weapons’ Security and Pakistan: Theoretical Analysis

Dr.Tahir Mehmood Azad, Dr. Muhammad Sadiq 96-121

Indian Cruise Missile Misadventure: Malfunction or Malafide Intensions?

Dr. Rizwana Abbasi, Muhammad Saeed Uzzaman 122-150
Book Reviews

Nuclear Weapons and American Grand Strategy

Reviewed by Dr. Rabia Akhtar 153-159

Pakistan-Afghanistan Relations: Pitfalls and the Way Forward

Reviewed by Safia Malik 160-165

Understanding Contemporary Asia Pacific

Reviewed by Dr. Muhammadi 166-172

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