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Strategic Vision Institute (SVI)

UntitledStrategic Vision Institute (SVI) is an autonomous, multidisciplinary and non-partisan institute, established in January 2013. The SVI aims to project strategic foresight on the issues of national and international import through dispassionate, impartial and independent research, analyses and studies. The primary focus of the SVI is to provide a framework of professional expertise, doctrinal wisdom and foresight indispensable for discreet formulation and successful management of politico-diplomatic, economic military dimensions of policy.

The rationale of SVI originates from the imperative of cultivating adequate professional expertise to cope with the growingly complex environments for policy formulation and decision-making process in all fields of national and international politics.

Strategic wisdom comes with a comprehensive understanding of the past, present and future. History is not just an index of the past but also the stepping-stone of futuristic insight. The SVI stands for prudence in dealing with national and international issues, something that can be fostered through scholarly inquest, professional analyses and planning discreet policy alternatives. It is considered imperative to develop collective, multi-institutional and pluralistic decision-making by creating sync among the political, military and diplomatic decision-making echelons with assistance from the academic and media professionals and support of the polity at large.
SVI Annual Report 2013

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