Ms. Ahyousha khan

Position: Associate Director

Ms.Ahyousha Khan is a Associate Director at the Strategic Vision Institute, Islamabad. She has been associated with the SVI since 2017. She completed her M.Phil. in Defense and Strategic Studies, from Quaid e Azam University, Islamabad. Her B.S. hon. is in Defense and Diplomatic Studies from Fatima Jinnah Women University. She completed both B.S. and M.Phil. Degrees with distinctions. She has authored a chapter on “Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Technology and Article IV of the NPT” in an upcoming Book, titled Problems and Prospects of the Non-Proliferation Regime: Pakistani Perspective. She has also presented on the topic of “Nuclear Doctrines in South Asia” at the SVI One Day Capacity Building Workshop on “Nuclear Doctrines, Non-proliferation and Strategic Stability in South Asia.” She has also authored a research paper on “MIRV and BMDS: Nuclear Deterrence in South Asia” in Journal of Security and Strategic Analyses.Her area of Interest are nuclear deterrence, non-proliferation, nuclear doctrines and emerging new technologies. She has been contributing in her areas of interest in newspapers, international blogs, workshops, journals and books.