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Zafar Iqbal Cheema, Matrix of Regional and National Security in South Asia and its Post – 2014 Dynamics (Islamabad: SVI, 2014).
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This edition on “Matrix of Regional and National  security in south Asia , and its Post -2014 Dynamics” is based upon papers of distinguish scholars and Professional experts during the conference on “Matrix of Regional and National Security in South Asia , and its post-2014 Dynamics” All the papers read and Presentations made at the conference were reviewed  at SVI in light  of the debate and discussion at the conference and upgraded.

Despite a relatively poor region ,South Asia are likely to emerge on the horizon in the post -2014 era. A complete change  of the leadership and political  hierarchy in China, Pakistan , India and recently Afghanistan brought important Changes in the decision -making echelons.All these inherently  interactive changes Profoundly impacted  upon the regional politics, national security and strategic dynamics of South Asia. An immensely important  variable  in the altering  regional landscape is the US bilateral and multilateral relations with India, Pakistan and China which will determine the regional dynamics  and strategic  power equilibrium in and around  the South Asia region. These undercurrents of forthcoming  changes  are going  to be primary focus of south Asian regional Security.Equally significant  determinants in the geo-political environment around Iran and Afghanistan may reconstitute its strategic scenario after the US/NATO’s policy to withdraw their major forces out Afghanistan and Afghan elections 2014.

Moreover,there is a hope that shifting  dynamics and emerging  power alignments in the South Asia region would help in surmounting  the political  obstacles for mutual cooperation .Pakistan’s national security dilemma is particularly  critical  which needs a deeper and dispassionate  analysis as its directly  and indirectly  affects  not only  the South  Asian  regional security  but international stability. It is largely aimed to deliberate and shed light upon all these important  changes in this volume ” Matrix of Regional and National Security in South Asia , and its Post-2014 Dynamics” .

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