The SVI Library

The Library is an important cornerstone of any institute. It is often the only readily available source of comprehensive information needed by scholars for research purposes. The SVI library was established in 2014 and has been set up as a key source of reference materials to be used exclusively by our in-house researchers, scholars and visiting faculty.

Books: The Library comprises of a collection of 440 books related to Nuclear Studies, Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Security, Global Politics, Diplomacy, Foreign Policy, Strategy, History, Terrorism and Peace and Conflict Studies. Our collection is regularly updated by both our library staff as well as our researchers all of whom play an active role in ensuring that the library remain up to date and relevant to our work.

Subscribed Journals and Magazines: The library also subscribes to several international journals and magazines including Foreign Affairs Magazine, IPRI Journal, Strategic Studies, Pakistan Politico, Policy Perspectives, Pakistan Horizon, Hilal magazine and a number of other leading publications of both domestic and regional significance. The SVI is also actively engaged in enhancing its access to a wider range of local and international publications in the form of both print and electronic subscriptions and databases.

Resource Sharing: The SVI library is also responsible for the dissemination of the SVI’s own range of publications which include the monthly SVI Foresight e-Journal, as well as its bi-annual academic (peer-reviewed) journal titled, Journal of Security and Strategic Analyses (JSSA). These also include a number of books authored, edited and/or published by the SVI. These are shared all over Pakistan as well as with our international partners and organizations which include numerous universities, government organizations, think tanks and other research-based institutions.

Cataloguing and Classification: The Library carries out regular cataloguing and classification of its entire collection in line with the organization’s requirements and its fast-expanding scope of work. These are carried out regularly to ensure ease of access and timely availability of valuable research materials to all our scholars and researchers.

In-House Database: The Library also maintains an updated record of the SVI’s events and in-house activities including conference and seminar proceedings, related reports and recommendations as well as a broad range of related reference materials comprising of both print and electronic resources. These are available free of cost from our library to visiting scholars and can also be easily accessed online.

Books List (PDF)

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