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With its development currently in full swing, CPEC’s immense popularity has led to the emergence of a thriving discourse on the many merits and challenges brought along with it. These include the enormous potential it holds for creating greater connectivity and economic development within Pakistan and the region. Its emphasis on the large-scale development of infrastructure and greater regional integration is designed to serve as a catalyst for propelling Pakistan to the forefront of global economic growth and development.
Much of the existing discourse on CPEC however has drifted more towards CPEC’s ‘Geo-Strategic’ implications for Pakistan and the region, despite its intentions to the contrary. These include debates that have been restricted to perhaps, more political concepts focusing on the South Asian region’s power politics, from which many a Pakistani scholar seems unable to move beyond.
Taking into account the broad contours of the overarching Belt and Road Initiative of which CPEC is a key component, this book aims to address this gap by offering a broader and more inclusive framework to approach CPEC. This includes taking into account the shifts in global economic growth and stability currently being witnessed the world over and the most recent trends in international politics currently affecting the world financial system. All of these are a direct result of the rise of China as a global economic power, as it increasingly comes to influence the changing politics of international development.

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