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ISLAMABAD: Contemporary Issues are Important for the regional security, said the President/Executive Director Strategic Vision Institute (SVI), Dr. Zafar Iqbal Cheema here on Friday. He expressed this during his address in a Bimonthly seminar on “Nonproliferation and Strategic Stability” organized by the SVI at Islamabad Club. He briefed the participants about South Asian Strategic Stability issues.

While throwing light on the current state of deterrence in South Asia. He said that nuclear equilibrium in South Asia is becoming trilateral. India is very keen in this trilateral equilibrium. India is responsible for nuclear proliferation and arms race in South Asia, he added.

Critically analyzing the politics of nuclear power generation in South Asia. Dr.Rizwana Abbasi, a district speaker said that India is using her potential to secure the nuclear energy resources, India has signed several agreements with different countries meet the regional challenges regarding nuclear arsenals. Pakistan should also follow the same pattern to maintain the Balance of Power in the region, he added.

Speaking all the occasion, Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal said that the current trends in global politics have alarmed the nuclear instability in South Asia. He highlighted the current dimensions of Nuclear Supplier Groups and its problems and prospects.

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